It’s all Shaun’s fault

So we had this big family cookout at Uncle Bob’s house this past Friday.  Everyone was there.  Shaun and Sue had come in from NY with the little tot in tote.  At one point Shaun and I got to sit in the kitchen, drinking coffee, and talking about food and gardening.  So he starts telling me about these ribs that his wife makes.  How she stews them for hours until the meat just falls off the bone.  He had my attention, and had piqued my curiosity as to how to make this happen.
Saturday was grocery day and I picked up a rack of pork ribs.  I also grabbed a pre-made Asian spice rub.  Chris picked me a fresh bulb of garlic from our garden, I grabbed the cast iron dutch oven and we were in business.
I rubbed the dry spices (which included peppercorns, ginger, sesame seeds, and other yumminess) all over the ribs and set them aside.  Next I mixed a bit of orange juice with some honey, water, and olive (didn’t have any sesame) oil.  I put the liquid mixture in the dutch oven to heat up, then I separated the ribs into individual pieces, and added them to the pot.  I sliced the freshly picked garlic super-thin and threw that on top, covered the pot, and let everything stew at a low heat for about 6 hours.
OMFG the meat really did fall right off the bone.  And Chris ate the ribs without a single complaint (highly unusual).  So, it’s all Shaun’s fault for telling me about stewing the ribs, and I’m so glad that he did.  Next I want to try Sue’s so that I can work on the yummy sauce that she stews her ribs in.  Mine was good, but could sure use some work.


  1. be careful, you might finally put some meat on that boy’s bones!

  2. meat + soy sauce + wine + sugar = yum!

  3. Damn. I’m getting hungry for ribs now.

  4. you sure are cooking some great dishes in that awesome pot.

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