Finally, a weekend where we aren’t nailed down to any formal plans.  I’ve dreamed about a weekend like this for a while now.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had too many of these in a row I’d be extremely unhappy, but I am loving it this weekend.  Only problem is that I’m not sure what to do first. 
Laundry is started.  I’ve got my workout in.  I need to make a starter for bread because I’m completely out.  I’ve been waiting to try to make english muffins for a while now.  Maybe this it the right time for that.  I’d like to poke around in Ocean State Job Lot and see what they’ve got in store currently.  Pottery Barn has some beautiful spring items….
Chris is outside, in shorts and a tee shirt, filling the bird feeder and looking around at the mostly-thawed scene in our back yard.  No doubt thinking about seeding grass in the bare spots and what to plant in the vegetable garden.
I may even bust out the easter decorations and begin to spring-up the inside of the house today.  The flowerie stuff and pastel colors always get me in a springie mood.  Now if only I could get the smell of fish out of the kitchen from last nights’ dinner…  which, by the way was damn tasty.  Cod fillet cooked with thin slices of mushroom and halved white grapes in a white wine steam bath, served with whipped butternut squash and steamed skin-on red potatoes.  Who says that healthy eating has to be boring?  F that!

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  1. /me bah humbugs @ easter.

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