Day three

This morning Dad came over, followed shortly thereafter by Sarah and Ger. Dad brought his tool belt and several years of skills. Sarah and Ger brought lunch as well as tons of beautiful tools.

Items accomplished today include: two trips to HD, tacking on 3 additional inches of framing to the wall where the sink will go in order to accommodate for the new shit pipe, framing in of all outlets and light switches so that they will no longer bob in and out of the walls when used, completion of insulation installation, laying of furring grid for the ceiling, eating of lunch made by Sarah, consumption of dinner provided and cooked by Mom and Yoda. Yup, I’d say we had a good day!

Tuesday will be our only real vacation day this week. We have tickets for a 7:05 Red Sox game in Boston so we’ll spend the day in the city, being tourists. Wednesday will be back to business. Dad will come over in the afternoon, once he’s had his nap (as he works 3rd shift on Tuesday night). On that day we’ll complete the furring grid and hang the ceiling, and maybe even begin to hang the walls. We’ll get as much done as we can in the time that we have. It may be tough trying to get taped and mudded before the weekend is over, but we’ll try like hell!

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