We’re home, again

We made it in one piece, or two, depends on how you look at it.  Yes, we did check out of that wonderful room at the MGM Grand this morning, although we did not want to.  In fact, near the end of our trip home Chris said that he had wanted badly to stay another night, but didn’t dare ask as he thought that it wouldn’t be possible.  It’s a good thing he didn’t ask, because I’d have surely said yes!  To have a king size, pillow top mattress, tons of pillows, goose down comforter, climate control, marble shower that feels like magic, a suede chair and ottoman, full cable, and that’s just the room.  Then there’s someone else to make your latte in the morning, and they even tell you to have a wonderful day, and that with a smile on their face.  Wonderful restaurants within walking distance (indoors).  The biggest pool that I’ve ever seen.  Two hot tubs, outside.  People to hand you towels, and pick them up when you’re done.  I tell you, this stuff I could get used to!  I’ll post pics and stories later.  Right now I need some food (shocking, I know).  Then we’re off to City Steam to meet up with some peeps later this evening.

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