And we’re a little off schedule

So my goal for this week was to have sheetrock hung on the ceiling and walls and completely mudded by the time we go back to work on Monday.  Not so sure we’re gonna make it.  We’ll try like hell though.
Our house is old and settled and nothing is square or plumb.  Literally most of yesterday was spent working with furring and shims to make the beams as even as possible so that we don’t end up with big bulges in the drywall.   Chris installed new toilet guts too.  What sucked is that it took hours of troubleshooting only to find out that the new gasket that came with the kit is definitely not useable for our toilet.  Now I am familiar enough with that gasket to purchase the correct one by sight.  Add that to the list for this week….
This morning Chris and I will take down a tiny bit of what was done yesterday to replace it with something a little better, and more thought out (thanks to Yoda).  Once that’s done we’ll build the drywall lift and begin hanging ceiling.
Dad called this morning to offer to take the night off of work to help.  I told him no, but thanked him all the same (taking a night off means losing 12 hours of pay as he gets a whopping 2 sick days per year that are paid).  Alex called to offer his services.  Mom and Yoda are coming over after work to assist in swapping over the outlets to the new construction boxes.  Tomorrow Rie and Dave are coming down so that we can learn how to mud from a person rather than a pictureSarah and Ger have been here every day this week, plus loaned us some great tools that we’ve used every day.
It’s funny how you can have an idea in your head of how you expect everything in the project to go, and it just veers off course, without your permission.  Today we’re taking it back.  We will regain control of our timeline and reach our project goal.  Fuck yeah.

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  1. That’s it. No more all day trips to Boston for you two. You’re too easily distracted.

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