My favorite time of year

I can’t honestly believe that I decorated the inside of my home, prepared to decorate the outside of it, and completely forgot to change kitchbitch’s theme.  Where is my brain lately?  Well, I could say but I don’t want to jinx anything 😉
This is absolutely my favorite time of year.  The time when you bust out the heavy bedding and curl up under it, while leaving a window cracked to let in that beautiful, crisp autumn air.  The smells of leaves fallen to the ground, and their crackly sounds when you walk on them.  The end of summer corn and the beginning of hearty squashes like butternut and acorn.  The baking of pies.  Picking of apples and pumpkins.  Simmering of soups.  Best-ever bread baking weather.  Can you tell that I was born in October?
And while there are thousands of beautiful places to be around the world, I can honestly say that I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but New England during this season.  The mountains, the trees, the farms, all of it has my heart.  Big, bustling cities are nice to visit, but I don’t ever care to live in one.
As soon as I kick this cold that I’ve got brewing I’ll slip into kitchen mode again and I’ll make lots of the above-mentioned items and post pictures and writes about smells and flavors and sticky bread doughs and pain-in-the-ass pie doughs that fall apart on me.  Just as soon as I kick this cold….

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  1. Hi, Jess! I’m taking your facebook challenge and updating/posting to my own blogs tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.

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