Uber-tasty pasta dish

I haven’t really been cooking a whole ton lately.  In fact, with cold season lingering about I’ve eaten more canned soup than anything.  But one day last week I made this dish that was super-tasty, low in fat, and packed with goodness.  I set a frying pan to carmelize some onions, threw in shallot, garlic & baby bellas.  I roasted some asparagus at a high heat for about 10 minutes , with salt & pepper.  I cooked up some whole wheat spaghetti.  I also sauteed some chicken boob (smothered in cayenne pepper), and cut that into bite-sized chunks.  All of this was tossed together in a pasta bowl and I squeezed a fresh lemon over & tossed it a little more.  Topped with shredded fresh basil, and a little bit of fresh parmesan cheese this was fantastic!

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