On track

I got up this morning and started the dishes.  I washed three loads of laundry.  Sliced up and frosted my cake for Monday’s class.  Baked some lemon scones for breakfast at Rie and Dave’s tomorrow (whole wheat, fully organic, and low fat, and even shaped like flowers for spring).  Made a dessert for tonight that is cubes of dark chocolate cake sitting in a pool of chocolate pudding made with 50% milk and 50% Bailey’s Irish Cream which I intend to top with a whipped almost-cream (soy cream) mixed with cream cheese (fat free, but who has to know?) and diced fresh strawberries.  Cleaned the upstairs bathroom (mostly because that one is used by everyone, plus the downstairs one requires me naked with a toothbrush and a bottle of bleach which is not a pretty sight nor is it a fun chore).  I just had some lunch (three mushroom ravioli with sauteed onions, portabella mushrooms and garlic) and now it’s time to shower.  After that, finish more dishes that I have created throughout the morning, unbury the dining room table for dinner tonight, pack for the trip, then begin food prep for dinner.  Somewhere in there I really had ought to go out and gas up the truck, but I truly don’t want to.  Maybe I’ll just do it on the way.
Chris is playing golf.  His first game of the season.  He got all gussied up in his dress kakhis and a butter-yellow polo shirt, tossed the clubs in the trunk, and took off to meet his buddy Bill for 18 holes at 9:00a.m.  He’ll get home right around the time all of the peeps get here and then we can eat.


  1. Sounds like a productive morning. We successfully got some Easter/Spring pics taken of Emelia and James together and by themselves. It went great with little crying from the baby girl.
    BTW can you teach Sue your cleaning technique? I wouldn’t mind her doffing her clothes to scrub the bathrooms. 😀

  2. I learned that technique from Sarah and Ger, actually. I was ruining all of my workout clothes bleaching the bathroom every weekend and they were like “why are you wearing clothes?” Ger likes to say that he bleaches his tea bag while cleaning the bath tub. Gotta love it!

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