Snow day

So yesterday we got hit with our third snow storm in three weeks, and this time it buried us.  What else was there to do but stay home, do some housework, shovel ridiculous amounts of snow, and cook?
I had lugged my snowblower out of the basement last month in preparation for this winter’s storms, but what I had failed to do was start it and ensure that all was functional.  Go figure, on the day that my back yard is underneath two feet of snow I go to start it only to find that I can’t get gas to the spark plug due to a bad hose and I don’t have the tools necessary for an on-the-spot repair.  I couldn’t leave to purchase tools because my truck was surrounded by the cold, white stuff so I grabbed my shovel and started digging.
I happen to have awesome neighbors and when the husband came out to do his plowing he gave a run up one side of my driveway with his plow which significantly trimmed my efforts (in half).  While I was still clearing out the half that wasn’t plowed, he ran across my sidewalk and front walk to my door with his snowblower.  Needless to say I spent last evening baking his favorite cookies (molasses) and some spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
Before I baked though, I made dinner.  I threw some burgundy-pepper lamb tips into the cast iron fry pan for a couple of minutes, cooked up some brown rice in beef stock, and steamed some petite peas and fresh asparagus.  It was yum!  The lamb was so flavorful and moist.

Burgundy pepper lamb tips with brown rice, peas and asparagus

Since it was a snow day, I figured that beer should be allowed too so I cracked open a BBC Cabin Fever Ale despite my own restrictions for race training.  A bit after dinner I had a hankering for something sweet and cracked open one of my personal favorites Southern Tier’s choklat.  Once the baked goods were delivered I got some snuggle time on the couch watching Dr. Who and called it a day.

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