Now we’ve also got molasses cookies.  And little green almond spritz.  And sugar cookies.  And I’m waiting for a cranberry orange corn meal ricotta cake to cool for tonight’s dessert.  We’ll scarf that after our dinner of pernil, yucca, rice and breadsticks.  I’m hoping that everything tastes as good as it smells.  Today’s dinner is a bunch of firsts for me to cook.  I’ve eaten each dish, but never made them myself.  The virgin run….
Chris is outside scraping up yet another layer of snow off the ground.  We’re getting an inch or so an hour, and it’s supposed to get super-cold tonight so he’s trying to keep up with the fall so that it doesn’t freeze all over the ground when the temp drops and the winds pick up.  Ick.  They’re calling for sub-zero windchills tonight.  Not a big favorite of mine.

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