What a beautiful day

It’s finally Friday.  I’ve had a good workout (which has left my thighs still quivering from weighted lunges).  It’s gorgeous outside.  With any luck the tulips in our flowerbeds should be in full bloom by Sunday due to all the heat and sunlight expected.  Work is crazy, but not at all unmanageable.    All in all, I’m feeling pretty good.
Things to do this weekend:

  • bake whole wheat bread because I’m almost out
  • shop for groceries because we need to eat
  • trek out to eastern MA for a party because downtime with friends is a necessity
  • clean both bathrooms because they’re filthy by my standards
  • purchase vacuum bags & shop vac filters because we’re all out and there’s dog hair everywhere
  • put stuff out on the curb for folks to pick up (like cookbooks, incense burners, random decorative- cluttery crap) because I’m sick of looking at it on my front porch



  1. Dare I say that I got as far as “thighs still quivering” and “weighted lunges” before my mind completely went adrift. You dirt bag.

  2. now that’s the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

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