A very nice weekend

So Sarah did pick us up at 9:00 on Saturday.  We all piled into the hop-Ryder and trekked to Schenectady.  We walked into a house full of the smells of cooking food.  Sue was assembling spring rolls.  And she was braising some pork ribs.  And she had some beautiful tilapia stuffed with lemon slices which she would later fry.  She also stir-fried some vegetables.  And Shaun cooked up some white rice.  All this while minding their toddler, and with her being six and a half months pregnant.
Auntie Rie brought up some chili and corn bread.  Gram made coffee cake.  Bridget brought some Italian coffee cakes.  Sarah made a roasted fennel and pancetta salad.  I brought an orecchiette and sausage dish and some chocolate cookies with fruits and nuts.  So there was a bit of food.  Funny too, when we left I was saying “I really feel like I’m forgetting something” and about an hour down the highway I realized that it was the doggie-bags that Shaun has packed for us.  We all sulked a bit at that.
So we talked while the food was prepared, and then we ate.  We played with the baby. Some watched tv.  We just plain-old enjoyed ourelves for a few hours.  We had coffee and tea and dessert.  Then it was time to leave.  We did a good job driving past our exit to the Mass Pike and went about 12 miles out of our way down 87 to turn around, and then back those miles plus some to get to where we needed to be.  Then Sarah got to drive in the dark and the rain through the Berkshires.
When we got back to our place we were starting to feel the edge of hunger creep back in.  I’m not even sure how, considering how we stuffed ourselves at Shaun’s, but we did.  So we busted out some food and drink and stuffed ourselves again.  Then we played some 90s edition Trivia Pursuit, followed by a game of pitch.   By the time we called it quits it was midnight.
This morning we stayed in bed late.  Then I had to run out and get some groceries so we could eat for the rest of this week.  When I got home it was back into food prep mode for me.  I baked up some cardamom and chocolate cupcakes.  Then it was making meatballs, then frying up pancetta for a salad, cooking spaghetti and steaming green beans, setting the table, and making the ganache for topping the cupcakes.  Then Dad and Becca got here, Chris left to watch football with Ger, and Sarah arrived.  We ate and visited and had a nice afternoon.  Sarah had to leave in order to get to her NIN show, and Dad had to drive Becca back to the hills of Avon.
Currently I have a smile on my face, a ton more laundry to do, and one heck of a messy kitchen.  And I’ve had a lovely weekend.

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