Clowns are creepy

So last night I made my clown cake.  A little creepy, but I couldn’t find any other type of heads in the cake decorating section of the store.  I made a two-layer torted yellow cake with white icing in between the layers and on top, then yellow sides.  A star border on the bottom and the top.  One clown sits with his legs open in front of him, trimmed out in red and the other has his legs dangling over the side of the top of the cake and he’s trimmed out on blue.  Then the cake has dots of varying sizes on the sides and top that color-coordinate with the clowns’ trim.  The folks at work thought that it was cute, then they ate it.
My hands are seriously discolored from the cleanup effort last night.  I had to empty colored icing out of the pastry bags and I didn’t wear gloves.  The Christmas red stained both hands a hot-pink and I have some royal blue under a few nails.  Very attractive, let me tell you.
Last night we got our coupons for the gum paste and fondant cake decorating class.  Aunt Sue and I both signed up as did at least one other woman from our class.  The instructor says that this is a brand new class by Wilton, and by her, and it should be fun.
So everyone needs to prepare to stay off of the roads.  Our nephew Jamie got his learner’s permit this week.  Be very afraid….
My cold is almost gone.  I never did get back to the gym yet this week.  If I walk in there sick I’ll get lynched.  Plus it makes more sense to fully recover before going back and the process will complete more quickly.
Since I have my Mom’s mixer I figure that I might as well take advantage of it.  I made Rocky cookies the other night for the first time in a couple of months.  Boy have I missed them.  I did not miss the workout that I normally get by stirring that thick-ass batter by hand.  It only took a few minutes to whip them together.  I love that!
Tonight’s dinner is homemade chicken pot pit (thanks to Auntie Rie for turning us on to that recipe).  We even picked up some corning ware, oven-safe dishes so that we can make two individual size pies rather than a 6-serving one that I end up eating 5 servings of in a week due to Chris’ issue with eating left-overs.  I stuck a can of jellied cranberry in the fridge to go with.  Yum!


  1. Yummy Rocky cookies! Thanks! My colon loves u

  2. so, wait till i tell you how much rent i am charging for that kitchenaid.

  3. @ Ger: your colon loves everyone….
    @ Mom: oh no you dittint.

  4. it is never okay to bring a clown of any sort into existence. even the cake will manage to mutate some poor human into thinking he/she should be a clown. all clowns should be burned.

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