Up before the sun

So I woke up before 5:30 this morning.  I think that I’m very anxious to get my kitchen back in order.  No way was I going back to sleep, I tried.  Last night I finished painting my second coat on all of the walls.  I think that it looks very nice.  Today I’ll just go about with a small can of ceiling paint and touch up those few areas where I dinged my pretty whiteness with yellow accidentally.
In other news, the contractor returned my call last night.  We spoke for a while and he explained his normal process to me.  He’s so hired.   I’ve heard nothing but good about his work, and he’s a nice guy that I trust.  I’m going to call his kitchen designer on Monday to schedule an appointment.  They’ll come out and collect a list of my wishes for cabinetry needs, measure up the kitchen, draw up a design plan, and order the goods, then install them once they’re delivered.  This is where the money will be spent.  We’ve been able to keep the costs of the renovation down significantly thus far, but I won’t pay money for crap cabinetry, and these fellas won’t sell me any crap.  I can’t wait.
I’m going to jump in the shower in a minute.  Once that’s over with I’ve got to run out and get some cash from one of them d’ang machines.  Mom should be here in a little over an hour for farmer’s market and grocery shopping, then we’re going to get housewarming gifts for my cousins‘ party tomorrow (if anybody wakes up and reads this and needs to go in on a gift, they could call my cell phone and let me know, ahem)Dad is coming over to pick up my truck this morning so that he can start moving to my brother‘s (they’re going to be house mates).  This afternoon we’ll be shooting over to Marcia‘s gallery opening.  After that we’ll be trotting over to my in-laws to pick up a furniture dolly for moving the appliances back into the kitchen. It’s looking like a fairly busy day.  W00t, shower….


  1. Hey, where are the pics?? 🙂

  2. hells yeah! shower pics! 😉

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