Wow, look at that snow

It’s really coming down out there. Quickly, and thickly. Chris called to say there are plenty of accidents already, so be careful.
I went into the office this morning and hosted conference calls until noon. Then I packed up, went to Costco and T&C, then came home to finish out the work day. This benefits me two-fold: I don’t have to drive in shitty weather later, and I can hear myself think to work. Both very helpful.
I have a ton of reports/paperwork due and I can’t generally hear myself think in the office. Between cell phones ringing ghetto-tones every time someone receives a text message, and general office talk I’m screwed when it comes time to think. Primarily I sit on the phone with a headset that covers both ears and I can’t hear what is going on, but when I take them off and have to concentrate to write up technical documents I have a problem. On those days it will take me 3 to 4 times as long as it should to write stuff up, and I’m more prone to mistakes. Ok, enough work talk.
It’s Friday. It’s kind of pretty outside with the new and fluffy snow. It will warm up enough in the coming days to melt it quickly enough to suit me.
Last night I went to bed and Chris had a bushy mountain-man type beard. This morning I woke up and his face was naked. He had shaved sometime past midnight. Kind of freaked me out a bit. He’s had that beard since his surgery on his face. It started growing because he couldn’t get his face wet for a few days, then he figured he might as well keep up with it as long as it didn’t itch. Now it’s gone.
Tonight we’re going to my mother-in-law’s for Kayla and Teagan’s birthday party (yes, two sisters were born on the same date, four years apart). We’ll be carting over 2 dozen cupcakes. Half are vanilla and half are chocolate. And half of each variety is filled with a strawberry filling and all are frosted with vanilla frosting, in a variety of designs. I’ll probably throw some fresh strawberries on top of the filled cupcakes too, just because I have some and I might as well use them before they shrivel up and rot.
Tomorrow I’ll drive back to their place with Teagan’s cake for her party with friends. There was no way that I could get it cut down, frosted and decorated in time to transport tonight. Plus, trying to move that large a cake and cupcakes would be a tremendous pain in the arse so I decided not to.
I really wish that I just had several (or a hundred) thousand extra dollars laying around so that I could open a business, in my location of choice, and with the style of my choice, and support myself in the event that it does not do well in the 1st year. Then again, I suppose lots of folks wish that. I would love to be able to make my own creations in food all day long (and, yes, do the cleaning and paperwork, and carry the burdens, and make the decisions that come along with that).


  1. I dream of working in a place where it is quiet. I’m always envious when I go visit Sue at her job. It is so damn quiet there I want to bring a laptop in and work with her. Instead I’m stuck in an office with loud talkers (phone and in person) and laughers that can be heard across the building.
    Starting and running a business is A LOT of work. I’ve seen first hand what it takes and it is tough to do alone. Keeping up with paperwork, money and taxes alone can become a full time job. Then actually running the business takes time.
    Have you given any thought to getting a job in a business as a pseudo-apprentice? I think you will learn a lot about how a business is really run and how to deal with things you might not learn in school like deal with perishable foods, distributors/vendors and managing your stock (the stuff out for sale).

  2. Actually, I have thought about doing the apprentice thing. I’m just not sure how to work it in with my full time job.
    I know a decent amount about managing vendor relations, etc. from prior work experience. The thing that would kill me, I think, would be being able to afford to pay someone to work the storefront and do the things that I won’t have the time to do myself. I also don’t trust very many people.
    Seriously, I need a ton of cash to get this off the ground anyway, so I don’t see it happening any time soon (not that I wouldn’t love for it to). Maybe I’ll get my dba and llc filed, get my home inspected once the kitchen is remodeled, and start a website so that I can sell what I make from my home. That way I could work at night and on weekends, keep my full time job and wonderful benifits, and still get to do what I love. This would also give me an idea of what my market could be and see if I could substantiate a storefront with what I’d bring in.

  3. yeh i have quite a few things i wouldn’t mind trying my hand at and seeing whether i could make a career out of it. but in addition to it being risky and leaving me broke and jobless, i also would need 8 hours more per day to actually even begin to apply myself toward it.

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