Back from the dead

Yes, that’s me, returned from the land of the dead.  I woke up at 6:00 Sunday morning feeling very tired (as I’d only had about four hours’ sleep) but not so bad.  I went downstairs to get a bottle of water and went back to sleep on the sofa until about 9:00.  At around 10:00 the migraine began to settle in and it was a doozie.  I was horrifically nauseous, completely sensitive to light and sound, and jacked up on pain killers and Imitrex for the next 24 hours.  When I was hungry Chris made me food and it made me sick to look at it and smell it.  What a mess.  My sister even drove to my house to massage my head, neck and face.  It didn’t make the migraine go away, but it certainly helped me to relax my body and feel much better in that way (she’s good, very good, in case you’re wondering).
Monday morning I woke up at 6:00 again and went in to my office to power up the laptop.  I spent 25 minutes moving all of my appointments for the day (I was scheduled for 10 different conference calls) and emailing my boss to say that I could not be functional enough to work.  I made Chris and myself a latte (caffeine sometimes helps with migraines), sent him off to work, and proceeded to hang around in my bathrobe for several more hours, unshowered, and feeling like snot.
Chris stopped in briefly to check on me at about 1:00.  I felt like a complete lump for laying about (whether or not I had a good reason) and I got up and showered after he went back to work.  That helped to make me feel a little better.   I tried to bake and that didn’t work out too well.  I made two loaves of bread that are like flat little bricks (which I believe is due to the mixture of strange flours used in the dough) and I made brownies that didn’t get that nice, satiny top (probably due to the fact that I used egg substitute instead of real eggs ’cause I didn’t have enough).
By the time we finished out gourmet dinner of beaners and wieners last night my head was throbbing with every beat of my heart.  Time to take another pain killer (which I had avoided doing all day).  It got me through a full nights’ sleep though.  I feel much better today.  Just some side-effects of pain killers to deal with, nothing I’m not used to by now.
Now that we lost Sunday we have lots to do every night this week.  Monday night we had to finish the grocery shopping, Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll be running out for supplies, Thursday I have to go to the salon (’cause they’re closed this weekend due to the holiday), and Friday we’ll be dismantling the kitchen so that it can be demolished on Saturday.  W00t!

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