Back from the land of migraine

That’s where I’ve been for the past two days.  Just after my last post I had a nasty migraine come on and spent the following 48 hours doped up on pain killers and lying in bed for hours on end.  Nothing pisses me off more than wasting a beautiful day in bed sick, but sometimes we don’t get a choice in the matter.
Last night we watched Hot Fuzz.  I must say that I laughed out loud on a number of occasions.  The only thing that was bothersome was that the actors are all Brits and they spoke quite fast so we had to back the frames up a few times in order to catch the lines.   Not so bad though.  Well worth two hours of your life, I’d say.
Sarah, Ger, Pam and Gabriella are off to Seattle this morning (without the dog).  Here’s to hoping that they have a fantastic trip!  Gabriella’s brother’s wife is scheduled to be induced this week and deliver the first baby of their generation.  Woo-hoo!
Got to get off  my ass now and drive out to Waltham for work.  Yippee!


  1. yeah right! I wish we were off to seattle. we’ve been sitting at bradley for many hours now waiting to find when our plane will show up and then whether or not they’ll actually fly it back to chicago, which is where our connection is. I guess the weather there is wicked shitty. totally lame. glad your migraine is finally gone!

  2. Last week for several days I was in migraine land after my b’day and anniversary friends and family weekend, not a happy camper and lost three days of work, no more paid days off for me this early in the year… glad you are feeling better. I did it straight, no pills, all tossed into the trash, everything in my cabinet, stupid I know, but it’s what I felt I had to do, nothing in this body, not even aspirin….we gotta catch up soon 🙂

  3. @ Sarah: you’d better let us know when you’ve landed safely. the stankin’ website for the airline sucks and never updates with landing times.
    @ Rie: eww. I hear ya about the drugs though, less is always better. glad you’re feeling better too!

  4. ya it’s tough doing too much at once but that’s how I feel I must do it and this too shall pass, but I am so itchy all over my body all the time, part of WD I think along w/ many other nasty WD stuff and yes each day I feel better in mind and spirit, not body yet… Great church service last sunday for baptism, all about GREED and material things, tears just rolled down my cheeks and I was sweating so bad, the priet put his hand to my check when he past me and just looked into my eyes….. The good Lord works in mysterious ways…..thanks honey

  5. oops left out the s in priest, dah…..

  6. maybe my mind is not better, I need to proof before submitting, since I wrote check instead of cheek….gosh……..

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