Made it to Friday, once again

W00t! It’s Friday. I have survived another week of corporate America. Of course I have found out that the leadership of my department has changed, yet again. Whatever. Go with the flow, save up the cash, open up the d’ang bakery. Wash, rinse, repeat.
In other news I have two personal sized pizzas waiting to go into the oven downstairs. My first time attempting at make pizza dough from scratch. Hopefully it’s decent. Also have a cake baking for Monday night’s decorating class. When the pizzas come out I’ll likely stick in another cake for Tammy’s birthday (also Monday), we’ll see.
Tomorrow shall consist of doing dishes, four loads of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms (nope they didn’t get done last weekend after all), and cooking dinner. Sarah has school all day and we’re traveling to Rie and Dave’s for the holiday after she gets out. I’m making some oven-fried chicken breasts with roasted fingerling potatoes, baby yams, chipolini onions, garlic, and baby carrots. This way we can eat, then hit the road. A&D have been invited as well, both to Rie’s and to dinner. It should be a very nice weekend.
Off to my cooking and baking. If I don’t talk to you, have a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Ummm homemade pizza. I tried it once and it came our horribly.
    See ya later today!

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