Been busy painting

So the day after the primer we painted the ceiling white.  We had bought one gallon of paint expecting that’s all that we’d need for the one coat we were putting on.  Mistake.  We got the first coat on, did some yard work and ran some errands while it dried, came home and saw that a second was necessary.  Bummer, but not a failure.  So on my lunch break yesterday I ran to the store and got another quart to pair with the remainder of our gallon and had just the right amount.  Last night I completed the 2nd coat on the ceiling.  Tonight we get to paint with color.  That should make the room a little more interesting.
I also put a call in to a contractor yesterday.  He would serve to help us design the cabinet setup and order and install them for us.  That’s one thing that we’ve decided we should definitely not do ourselves.  If I’m going to dish out thousands of dollars for quality cabinetry, I don’t want to be the one who cocks them up (or the walls).

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