Beer pong?

So I had never heard of beer pong until this morning when Chris was describing the game that he and his brother had played last evening at a friend’s house. The guy throwing the party covered his new pool table with plastic (so as not to ruin the table with spillage) and set up rows of cups on each end of the table filled with a couple of inches of beer each. The dudes were divided into two teams, each assigned to an end of the table. One dude has a ping-pong ball which he throws towards the opposite end of the table, if he makes it into a cup of beer then someone from the opposite team has to drink the beer and so on and so forth. I forgot to mention that this is no sipping game, when you drink your beer you’re actually chugging it. These guys are in their thirties, will they ever grow out of that college kid stage?
So Chris brought his brother home with him last night and we had a sleepover. Us in our bed and Bob on the couch. They came in a little after one and probably went to sleep around two. I woke up at 7:30 and couldn’t sleep anymore so I went downstairs and started the laundry, did the dishes, and baked that banana bread I spoke of the other day. A productive morning for me, a painful one for Bob. Let’s just say that he didn’t even attempt food until after noon (although he was quite hungry).
Mom and Yoda stopped over this afternoon. They dropped off a table that my grandfather had made years ago, as well as some wine glasses, and a few xmas gifts from family that I hadn’t seen over the holidays. My cousin Bridget and her husband Ed made some really nice family calendars. They are standard annual calendars, but each page features photos from the last year of our entire family (mostly taken at weddings and birthday parties and such). What a great idea!
We just had dinner. I threw together some fake chicken parm (using frozen chicken patties for the guys and a soy chik’n patty for myself). They had boxed mix scalloped potatoes and I had whole wheat linguine to go with. We all had steamed broccoli and some ciabetta bread dipped in olive oil with minced fresh garlic. It took about 25 minutes to make and we were able to get the guys on the road to have Bob home on time. It’s looking like a nice, quiet night in for us. I love that.
I’m hoping for some peaceful sleep tonight. Last night, every time that I drifted off I would awake a few minutes later coughing. I have a constant tickle in my throat, it actually feels like I’m growing hair. Kind of gross, wicked annoying! Maybe tonight will be better. I look forward to tomorrow morning. Sundays bring newspaper reading, coupon clipping, grocery list making, and coffee drinking. Nice and peaceful.


  1. have you seriously never heard of beer pong?! i’m shocked and amazed! i’m not usually into drinking games, especially not piss-like beer chugging ones, but i actually did play last summer @ b’s 4th of july party. it was scott belisle’s fault, i swear! and i won, with grambo as my partner. 😉
    but to answer your question….no. guys will never stop playing beer pong, no matter how old they are.
    and what i think was totally awesome about the calendars that bridget and ed made is that they contain info on family members’ birthdays and anniversaries and such. i heart that.

  2. I feel that I’ve lived a very sheltered life when it comes to drinking games….

  3. We’ll have to fix that. The parents gave us a portable table that’d be perfect for beer pong. I dont have ping pong balls, but i do have tennis balls. How sick would that be if you had to drink the beer by sucking it out of the tennis ball felt. That’s motivation not to lose if I’ve ever seen it.

  4. you’re such a dude. have you been sitting around the house, unshowered, playing video games and not shaving all weekend again?

  5. Went hiking somewhere in there too, but generally yes.

  6. i know this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but i wanted to give you a link to cuz i think you’ll love it!

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