Birthday wishes

A very happy birthday today to Dad.  Tonight we celebrate with dinner and cake.  Ice cream too.
And with the happy comes the sad.  Our thoughts go out today to our friend Ed who’s Granny passed away yesterday.  He’ll be making the long trek down to Maryland to be with family for a bit.
And speaking of family, congrats to Dave & Rie who have accepted an offer on their house.  They’ll soon be joining the rest of us Massholes here in the Bay State.  I think that it will be a nice change for all of us.  I can just barely remember the last time that I went pumpkin picking with Auntie Rie (I know that I was less than five years old, just not exactly how many less).
Tomorrow we trek over to East Longmeadow to help Pam & Gabriela move into their new home.  They too are becoming Massholes (they were previously Connecticunts).
This week will bring with it the craziness that is the holiday season.  Well I say “bring it!”

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