Change of plans

So I wanted to bleach the house on Friday, or at least Saturday. But, apparently when Chris was sick last week, it was really pre-sickness. He had a mild sore throat and some chills. When he got home from work on Friday he was worse. He actually spent the entire day yesterday in pjs and a bathrobe, laying on the sofa, drinking water and eating freeze pops. For anyone who does not know my husband: he does not wear pjs past noon, he never lays around on the sofa watching tv for an entire day (or even half of one), and he drinks coke like it’s going out of style, but never water.  Poor baby has a super-swollen throat so bad that it’s painful for him to swallow advil. I’ll be taking him to the doctor’s this morning just to be sure it’s not strep.
So I spent the day yesterday cleaning the house in other ways, like dusting (which I hate), and vacuuming out the stuff that gets in between the boards of the hardwood floors (which is done on hands and knees and is no easy feat), and doing laundry, and rearranging stuff. It all needed to be done and I wasn’t going anywhere, so I just did it.
And now it’s Monday. Time for back to work. I should be good to go back to the gym tomorrow, just no running quite yet (as I’m not sure these old lungs will take that kind of beating just yet). Yay.

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