And so here I am again at a point of many changes in my life. …
On 8/29 I left for my trip to CA.  This was my first real vacation since my honeymoon in 2004.  It was wonderful.  Jay and I trekked out to wine country.  We did a day in Napa county, a day in Sonoma county, then a day in San Fran.  Wonderful weather.  Fantastic food.  Great photo ops.  Good wines.  Much enjoyed.  I will very likely go back again.  He had been there before and acted as the perfect tour guide.  We stayed at a B&B and he drove us around in a rental.
Came back to work from vacation to find that the company that I’d worked for for 6.5 years had re-org’d (yet again) and that this time my position had been eliminated.  Honestly, I had expected this.  Unfortunately, I had figured that it would happen after the 1st of next year and had planned accordingly.
A week later and I realized that my unhappiness with my personal life was increasing and that it was time to make some changes.  Jay and I stopped being a couple, although we remain friends.  We get along grandly.  We eat together like king and queen.  We can dance (although I am always the lesser partner in this).  We just aren’t… anymore.
I have a wonderful support network of friends and family.  Over the past few weeks I have received emails, text messages, phone calls, IMs, hugs, etc.  Duncan has supported me by sleeping in my bed (which I’m sure was an absolute hardship for him [chokes on sarcasm]).
I look forward to whatever life has to offer me next.  I hope to be employed full time within a month’s time.  I look forward to a pedicure with Mom and Sis this weekend, and maybe a stop in @ Pagan Pride day (to support family), then date night with my girl Karen.  Next weekend should bring a night out at Bring Your Own Restaurant, a cake order to fulfill, a day at Pipes in the Valley, and baby sis Becca’s bday celebrations.  I am thankful for all that I have  and all that I am, and if you hear me say otherwise- please call me on it 😉

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  1. Chin up :), Everything happens for a reason. Good things are coming, you just had to make room for it.

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