Cookies, cookies, cookies

So yesterday I baked the first of my holiday cookies.  I decided on Spritz and did them in an almond flavor.  Some are plain, some colored red, and some green.  A few have nonpareils, and a few some colored sugar, but most are plain.
Spritz cookies
Today’s goal is to get gingerbread cookies baked.  I made the dough yesterday and set it to chill overnight.  I figure that if I can get one thing made each night this week, I should be in good shape to platter up by the weekend.  Which is good because we have a dinner party to attend on Sunday night and I’d really like to bring a robust and colorful platter of goodies with us.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Spritz
  • Gingerbread men and women, fully decorated
  • Sugar cookies, all piped & flooded
  • White chocolate peppermint bark
  • Brownies (either tiny squares, or brownie bites in mini cupcake liners)
  • Rice krispie treats

This should offer a decent variety for every palette, and not repeat the same old stuff that I do every year.  That, and I needed some simple things on there because the gingerbread & sugar cookies take tons of time to complete.

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