Didn’t fall off the face of the earth

And am not so smitten with our new little guy that I haven’t written.  Having troubles with my personal pc which has all of my camera software and access to the server for sharing pics and such.  I need to figure out what type of WIC my machine needs, order it and install it.  Until then, it’s offline and I can’t share my puppy pics.  Sorry.  I’ll get around to it, eventually.
My baking lately has been mostly centered around dog food.  Bananas that used to go for banana bread now go into Duncan’s banana breakfast cookies.  I make peanut butter breakfast kibble, and lunch kibble with sundried tomatoes, garlic and parsley.  We need to keep the little man fit and trim, and packed with protein and whole grains.  He’s done quite well with his new diet (meaning not store-bought, bagged, or canned food).  I cook his evening meal.  He usually eats the same foods that Chris and I eat, just prepared differently.  He loves his fresh vegetables, and always does a fantastic job of cleaning his dish at every meal.
More to come soon.  I have to work in Burlington today so I have to get moving.


  1. you need to be really careful what you feed dogs. onions, and anything in the onion family [like garlic] will build up in your dog and lead to renal failure.

  2. Point noted. I did my research prior. It’s really ok to give dogs small quantities of garlic, and especially if it’s cooked. It’s got the same health benefits for them as it does for us humans. Here’s just one site that explains some of this.

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