Yay technology

So our p.o.s. cable modem is on the fritz. And it has been for at least a week now. We came home last Saturday night to no telephone or modem service, same thing all day Sunday. Sometime Monday the modem decided to come back online. Tuesday was ok as was Wednesday. Thursday nothing, but came back in the evening. Friday morning nothing, but now it’s back up for a bit. Called the sp and we have someone coming out tomorrow morning to bring us a new one. It just bites because I had planned to work from home today because of the crappy weather. Murphy’s law, right?
So on a different note, I love Nalgene. I was ready to go a little greener by purchasing a water purification system for our home, and was on the lookout for a sport-type bottle that could be opened with one hand (so that I can drink while I’m running). This way I can have a water bottle every day and be able to stop buying Poland Springs sport bottles by the case, thus furthering the need to recycle tons of plastic unnecessarily. Of course, Nalgene had one and they had one in pink, and they shipped it rather promptly, and it came with no over-packaging, no packing material, no b.s. paperwork. Just a little box with my water bottle in it. That makes me feel even greener and great for supporting a company like them. W00t!
More later.


  1. You should have hopped up on your husband’s shoulders and rode him to the Nalgene factory to pick it up. That would have saved a few pounds of carbon emissions needed to transport it to your house and I’m sure the trip would have been entertaining. It’s snowing in MA right?
    I’m all on board with using a water filter and a reusable bottle. I’ve had a filter for years and only started using bottles after I got married. I’m slowly weening Sue off bottled water, but it is tough to break habits.

  2. if only my husband could hold me on his shoulders, oh the fun we could have….
    yeah, it’s snowing here real bad. i just about skied down the mountain coming home from the salon on my lunch hour. and many area businesses have either closed or are in the process of closing now. not fun driving out today.

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