Expreience is not everything

So after all these years working in food service and cooking at home you’d think that I’d have learned….  So last night I’m making this new type of icing called “color flow” and it requires 10 minutes of mixing time in order to fluff it full of air.  At the same time that I’m holding the hand mixer I’m also trying to scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula and this is not an easy task because it’s a very stiff icing.  So, low and behold, I suck two fingers through the beaters.  My index finger and thumb on my right hand went through and came back out.  Thank goodness I had the easy beaters on instead of the ones I would normally use for whipped potatoes or the like ’cause then I’d only have knuckles left.  Even the wimpy beaters took off some skin and did a lot of bruising, but I still have my digits (sore as they are).  Now I’m even more glad that I ordered my Kitchen Aid mixer this weekend.


  1. OUCH!!!
    I personally have NEVER done anything like that and I got the scars to prove it 😉 . If they throb while trying to sleep, try to keep your hand on your chest. Feel better sweetie. Uncle D.

  2. yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and try to not do that ever again.
    thanks for the wise words!

  3. yeh i have the same problem with poking kitty tummies. i poke they bite and scratch, i bleed. rinse, repeat. 😉

  4. with Perl it’s more like poke, bite/scratch, shot of morphine, sew finger back on, repeat.

  5. Oh yeah and I forgot to poke fun at Jess, apparently she has never expREienced a spelling bee either.

  6. yeh i can honestly say, i think cats are sadists. they like the torture. that being said, perl is the only cat i’ve ever known to actually try to tear out my eyeballs. [literally]

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