Superbowl fun

Yeah, I know, the Superbowl is old news by now. I’ve waited almost a week to post about it. But truly it’s not my fault, see there were so many birthday wishes that I wanted to get up….
Anyway, we had some most gracious hosts. We had lots of great food. Excellent company. Good conversation. Some home brews to try. Plus, the Giants won by some miracle, so my husband (the token Giants fan- at least where we were) was as happy as a kid in a candy store. Plus I got to spend a few hours decorating cookies-
More pics here.
And this whole week has just been mostly fabulous. Nothing grand or exciting happened. It just feels great to not be sick, and to be getting my regular workouts in. My parents came over for dinner last weekend and we had a nice time.  I got to see my sister Sarah for a few minutes during the week which generally doesn’t happen.  My other sister, Becca, is coming to spend the night this weekend.  Good times….

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