The cabinets are coming

So the contractor was at our house every day this week. He was changing around the plumbing and hanging drywall, mudding (perfectly I must say- way better than us), and sanding. His electrician did lots of work moving our 220 line for the range and installing new outlets in new places. He called this morning to say that his work was done here for this week. He’ll be by on Monday morning at 9:00 to unload the cabinets from the delivery truck and possibly begin the installation too. The template for our counters will be cut next Friday and the installation of that will follow 7-9 days after.
So this weekend our chore is to paint the kitchen, again. We will need to prime over the areas that are freshly hung rock and then paint them with 2 coats. Somewhere in there I’ve got to bake chocolate stout cake or two, get grocery shopping, attend a party, and visit with fam at Gram’s. Additionally I must avoid stress at all costs as I’m in my peak for susceptibility to a migraine.
I’ve got a half day from work today so that I can clean up sheet rock dust and prep for the candle party I’m hosting tonight. I’ve got to clean the bathrooms, move some furniture out to make room for bodies, chill a couple of white wines, break out the reds, and set up some boards of cheeses and crackers. Plus I have a salon appointment. Hmm, I’d better get moving….


  1. Sounds exciting. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. pictures!!!!! In process stuff, where are they?

  3. yeah, we agreed that we won’t post any pics until they’re done. soon though.

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