Back into the swing

So life has taken me in several different directions in the last year or so.  My time is now consumed by two jobs instead of one, and by caring for Duncan by myself instead of with a partner.  I am more social outside of my home.  Thus, I have had less time to play with food and to write about it.
Today is a beautiful day in New England.  The sun is out.  There are few clouds in the sky.  It’s 78 degrees outside with barely any humidity.  There is a light breeze.  A perfect weather day.
I finally made it out to my favorite farmer’s market this morning for the first time in weeks.  On our way from parking lot to market we spotted an artist pawning his glass blown wares, street-side.  I bought myself two pendants.
Pendants from Atticus Glass
Then I spent almost every penny that I had on me purchasing such wonders as okra, blueberries, butter & sugar corn, fat eggplant, sunburst cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, baby turnips, radishes, yellow & green squashes, cukes, chilies, and onions.  When I got home, I got straight to preparing dishes so that a) I can eat healthfully while on the run during the week and b) nothing goes bad before I get around to cooking it.  I started off my kitchen adventures with turnip kimchi.  Next came ginger pickled radishes.  Then a cider vinegar pickled beet salad.
turnip kimche & ginger pickled radishes
I’m currently baking off a pan of Harvette‘s new granola recipe with a few minor changes.  I took her recipe and substituted maple syrup for the brown sugar, added cayanne pepper to the spice list, and added pepitas & sunflower seeds along with the cranberries at the end.
Somewhere in there I made Duncan’s lunches & dinners for the week as well.  And either tonight or tomorrow I’ll bake off some peanut butter dog cookies too.  Now I’m off to figure out how to wrap up this day.  Maybe I’ll grill off a bunch of veggies and do some yard work now that the sun is going down.

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  1. Ooh your substitutions sound great!! Next time I’d like to try agave for all or some of the sugar/honey combo, but I was too cheap to spring for it yesterday, so I went with the old standbys!

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