Feeling very accomplished

I am feeling very accomplished right now.  I have caulked a window and trimmed it out with wood.  I have also sealed the grout on the naked lady and caulked her.  I did 6 or so loads of laundry (using my new, environmentally-friendly dryer sheets).  I cooked lunch for tomorrow and packed most of my snacks for the office.
I did such a good job that I even hurt my stinking back (yesterday) while my sister is out of town on business.  Yes, I was the bottom carrier on the snow blower coming up the very steep cellar stairs yesterday afternoon, and that was all good until the wheels cleared the lip of the stairwell. As I was still hefting up a couple of hundred pounds with my arms overhead, the whole machine jarred, and brought my back with it.  So I sneezed this morning and sent my back muscles into spasm.  Not a nice experience.  Alas, I will live.  My timing just sucks.
I am extremely cheap and have not yet turned the heat on in our home.  Come on, who’s with me on this one?  Somebody must be.
In  other news, I have not cut my hair in something like 12 weeks.  Growing it in for warmth in the winter.  Have to keep my neck warm somehow.  The in-between stages are making me mad, but I’ll deal.
What to make for dinner is my real dilemma.  Chris is off watching fools’ ball at a friends’ so I can make whatever I like with no consideration for others, and I have no idea what it’ll be.  Hmmm….


  1. i’m with you. no heat yet either!

  2. damn dude! i can massage you when i get home from missouri, but yeah, definitely bad timing. 8( i hope it’s not killing you too bad. if you want i can give wendy a call and have her work on ya. 😉
    we have no heat yet either. in fact we need to do some pellet runs very soon.
    have fun with dinner while the boys are foozin it up! i’m going to head to the opening reception soon where there will be booze, hors d’oeuvres and guitar hero championship. woo!

  3. I’m not dying, I just like to complain (you know me). I don’t need a stranger to touch my naked bod….
    w00t to hours d’oeuvres and nerd games!

  4. My heat actually came on during last night. OK, so I’m a wimp. I don’t turn it off, just down low.
    I’m feeling very accomplished today, too. I put together a bathroom cabinet and it looks good; and it works .
    Ron is nursing his broken toe, so he is hurting; but don’t think massage will help that one.
    Well, back to work tomorrow. It will be horrible after being out a week.

  5. The only thing heating up this joint is my hot body! (and the cat, who kept me warm last night in Sarah’s absence. And a nice hot bath. And an extra blanket)

  6. Sorry to say that I couldn’t take the cold anymore. It was 56 degrees on the first floor and much colder upstairs. The heat was going on.

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