Finale cake pic

Here it is. My labor of love. Chris drove me to his sister Sue’s house Monday night after class so that I could give the cake to her. She loves cake plus she has the two kids that would help her to demolish it. Little did I know who would truly end up eating it. Mitchell called me into the kitchen saying “Auntie Jessie your cake! Look, your cake”. Upon peering into the kitchen I saw their Bernese mountain dog (a puppy but quite massive) standing on her hind legs with her front paws on the front stove burners, plucking the butterfly cupcakes off of the cake and scarfing them. She was scolded and sent to her crate and Mitchell said “Auntie Jessie, would you make us another cake with flowers and butterflies ’cause I’m not gonna eat that one. The dog is all over it.” he was so serious and so cute.
Anyway, the color scheme is off ’cause this was a class cake where we made the petunias days before making the rest (so that the flowers would have adequate time to dry). Also, I didn’t know until I started making icing exactly what I was going to put together and how. It’s kind of a mish-mosh, but it allowed me to apply the techniques learned in this class and that’s what counts. Now that I’m all graduated it’s time to start making some serious cakes….
finale cake pic


  1. damn dude! that is one beautiful cake!

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