No stove, no grill with side burner, no problem. My stove is in the living room (where it will remain until the kitchen has been painted). The side burner of my grill would be less than efficient today given the wind speeds. I went to the Farmer’s market this morning and brought home a wealth of yumminess and would be damned if I wouldn’t enjoy some of it for lunch.
So I boiled some salted water in the microwave and cooked some thin spaghetti. I diced up a yellow tomato, quartered a handful of cherry tomaters, rough chopped some basil, squeezed a clove of garlic through the Pampered Chef garlic press, zested in a bit of lemon, poured in some olive oil, grated in some fresh Parmesan cheese, and seasoned with simple salt and pepper. I then laid this concoction on top of my cooked spaghetti and had a summertime luncheon masterpiece fit for a queen.
Of course, I needed a beverage. So I took a little bit of organic white wine (Sauvignon blanc) and added a lot of seltzer water, and topped that off with a wedge of lemon. Perfection. Cool, crisp, and delicious.
I love food.


  1. that looks soooo yummy. if the farmers could just see that too.

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