Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey

Their wedding was beautiful. The ceremony took place up on a hill, under an oak tree, with mountains in the backdrop and trees and farmland surrounding. Jon’s sister Jen officiated. Heather’s sister Amanda was the maid of honor and my sister Sarah was a brides maid. Jon’s friend Greg was the best man and Ger was a groomsman. Heather’s sister Katy was the ring barer and youngest sister Addie was the flower girl. Her two brothers Austin & Tyler were ushers.
Once the ceremony was over the wedding party walked away from the tree while all of the guests blew bubbles that sparkled in the sunshine. The song “Here Comes the Sun” was playing in the background. Next they went off for pictures and the guests moved to the deck for cocktails. Heather had a great idea for her guest book- every guest got their picture taken with a Polaroid camera, stuck that into a scrapbook, and signed in under it.
Next we moved inside the Red Barn and welcomed the wedding party. Heather and Jon had their first dance as a married couple to “The luckiest” by Ben Folds and then there were three toasts. We all had a nice dinner. When they cut the cake there was the song “Love you madly” playing in the background, by the band Cake. Next Heather danced with her dad, and then Jon with his mom, and then everybody busted out onto the dance floor. After that it’s all a blur of flailing limbs and disco lights…. It was a blast. Very nicely done.
Pics are here.

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  1. that is a great write up and I love the pics you got!!!!! I am so glad that everyone had a fun time!

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