Getting ready for Halloween

Yes, we are total weenies when it comes to Halloween.  I think that it’s in my blood, being born in October and all.  Chris simply has no excuse.
Our front yard is all decked out for the harvest season.  It’s not scary at all, and for two reasons.  One, I hate tacky lawn ornaments and blow-up decor (no offense meant to any who have those).  Two, many of the kids in our immediate neighborhood who trick-or-treat at our house are very young and I don’t feel the need to scare the crap out of little ones.  So we have corn stalks and a bale of hay, friendly jack-o-lanterns which we’ll light up tomorrow night, a cutsie flag flying from the house, and lots of mini pumpkins to add splashes of additional color.  There was some Indian corn, either a squirrel or a skunk ate it right off the cobs, little piggies.
Last night I baked up some chocolate cupcakes and made some frosting.  I have some that’s orange, and tonight I’ll color some purple (a little more attractive on a cupcake than balck).  Then I’ll add sprinkles of varying shapes and colors (little pumpkins, ghosts, tombstones, etc.)  Those’ll be for the neighbors who know us well enough to let their kids take that stuff from us.  It’s so sad that we don’t live in a world anymore where you can hand out fresh carmel apples and cookies.  I’d much rather make the treats and hand out something a little better than a chocolate covered wafer wrapped in plastic.  Such is life, I suppose.
So tomorrow after work we’ll rush home to eat quick hot dogs and beans, then change into our costumes to pass out candy.  Chris will likely put on his long black robe and wings, and maybe even his goblin mask (although it’s uncomfortable and a little scary).  I’ll wear striped stockings and a black dress, witch’s hat and buckle shoes, maybe even an orange sweater.  Chris will rig up the boom box near a window so that we can play creepy music, and he’ll wait by the front door with the remote to the fog machine so that when I open the door, fog rolls down the front steps and makes the little ones ooh and aah.   And we’ll light up the pumkins, his a cat’s face, and mine a happy face with a big, goofy smile.
I can’t wait!

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