Getting ready

We’re getting ready to leave for the Bronx Zoo in a little while.  Our original plan was to go yesterday, but thunderstorms in the Bronx forecast kept us in MA.  It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in the city today though.  I’ve got the snacks all lined up on the kitchen counter  so we can just pack them in a bag along with the sunscreen and camera and lots of new (and charged) batteries, and go.
Yesterday was not a waste either.  We got the icky part of a front yard project done so that tomorrow we can install new solar lights up the front walk and put down mulch in preparation for the fall yard display (fresh pumpkins grown in our very own garden).  The little guy from next door came over and helped for a few hours too.  As I would get all of the grass pulled out of the flower bed and level the dirt, he’d come by and scatter all of said dirt across the front walk (very helpful- NOT).  But it kept him busy for quite a bit and I had nothing better to do than do my work twice 😉
We also visited a furniture showroom for the first time since we bought our house.  We found a living room set that we loved.  We took home the specs and measured our room, went back to the store and re-measured the furniture, came home again and used the online room planner and then came to terms with the fact that our living room is just too small for the furniture that we love.  Pissah!

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