Indian-inspired lunch

I was milling about the living/ dining room area trying to neaten things up a bit when I came across the rice cooker (one of those gadgets that I love, yet frequently forget about). I took a peek into the fridge and realized that I had nothing to eat for lunch come Monday. There was, however, about a half of an eggplant that could use some immediate attention. I also happen to have bought a large red chili pepper at the farmer’s market for another recipe. The gears started grinding inside my head and a lunch recipe was created.
I diced up the chili and tossed it into a frying pan with some olive oil and put that over a low flame out on the grill (side burner) to let the chili flavor infuse the oil. While that was going I started some Basmati rice in the cooker with chicken broth. Then I cut the eggplant up into large cubes and pressed some fresh garlic over that. I walked the eggplant and garlic out to the skillet and added them to the chili and oil. Next I sprinkled that mixture with some curry seasoning and a little ground clove and cooked the eggplant thoroughly (just a couple of minutes). When that was just about done I shut the heat off and added a splash of chicken broth that loosened up the brown bits on the bottom of the pan so that none of that wonderful flavor was wasted. I had a small helping of rice topped with this lovely concoction and was quite satisfied. I also have two servings left for lunch.

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