Little bittie fire

Well it wouldn’t be a very exciting holiday if there wasn’t at least a little bit of drama to tell about, now would it?  So let’s start by saying that I began the Thanksgiving baking today.  The hearty stuff that will be better for sitting around for two days before being eaten.  And the damn pumpkin bread recipe always makes so much batter, but I never want to throw any away, and I’m not sure exactly where to make the cuts to lessen the recipe….
So it bubbled over the top of the loaf pan and dribbled down one side, and splatted on the bottom of the oven.  Since I would be turning the loaves in a moment anyway I prepared with paper towels to clean off the mess as well.  Cleaning the side of the loaf was simple, and the oven floor not so bad either.  It was that irritable bit that had dropped onto the heating element that was the bitch.  Leave it there and you will have smoke and fire.  Remove it with something wet and you will instantly be burned.  Remove it with something dry and risk fire anyway.  I chose option c and the fat-ladened batter started afire, followed quickly by my paper towel that was trying to make a swift escape.
I let the heating element burn clean, dropped the paper towl in a bowl of water in the sink, closed the oven back up and resumed making my loaves.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fire, but only when in a contained area of my back yard where we have a fire cage and a bucket of water and/or a hose on hand.  Not in my kitchen which is 1/5 paid for.  With any luck that will be the last of my drama for this holiday.

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