It’s the weekend, thank goodness

I actually got stressed out over work yesterday.  That’s something that I don’t typically allow myself to do.  And I mean to the point that there were tears in my eyes and I wanted to bust out crying.  I hate that.  So I went over to Ger‘s cube and let him have it for a few, and he very nicely sat and listened.  Then I went back to my desk and sang a happy song in my head, rubbed my temples, and told myself to forget about it.  Of course I didn’t, but at least I don’t have a migraine to show for my frustrations.
Sleeping in today consisted of waking at 4:31 instead of 4:10.  Whooptie-doo.  So rather than waste time I got up and emptied the dishwasher, cleaned last night’s pots and pans, washed and dried two loads of laundry, wrapped up the cookies and travel-packed the dish that I made for Shaun‘s house, drank a ton of water, ate some toast, had some coffee, and paid the bills.   I’m thinking that since I’m on a roll I might even shave my legs (something I haven’t done in about 4-6 weeks).
Sarah will be here to pick us up at about 9:00 for the trek to NY.  We’re gonna visit with the fam and have some lunch together, maybe pinch a baby.  Tomorrow Dad and Becca are going to come over for a visit and some lunch.  Not sure what I’m making for that yet.


  1. Oh you were talking to me? I sorta phased out. Glad to see I was helpful some how!

  2. yeah, i kinda figured. douche.

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