What I did this weekend

Well I had Teagan’s cake ready for her party with friends for pickup on Thursday nightimg_1507.JPG
Then I did some baking for Alex’s St. Patty’s party that was Saturday night. I made chocolate stout cakes
And some sugar cookies
And some cookies with chocolate chips, and some with M&Ms
And then I finished up Kayla’s personal birthday cake that was a gift from her Mom. It was a mushroom shaped cake with a frog topper
And then I did Teagan’s personal cake at the last minute so that the whipped cream wouldn’t fall
And then I decorated a cake for the family to share at Kayla & Teagan’s party. It was a little busy, and a little frustrating at times. We got it all done though. W00t!


  1. dude, you’re amazing! i say this as i eat a piece of leftover stout cake for breakfast. 😉

  2. Those stout cakes look great.

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