Mmm… pesto

So I made that pesto yesterday and it came out damn good.  First I tried some spread atop a piece of baguette.  Very tasty, repeated the process a few times throughout the day.  For lunch I had some leftover tortelloni that I mixed up with some pesto and a few tiger shrimp for a scrumptious creation which was eaten cold.  Then for dinner I took a whole wheat soft tortilla, spread pesto on it, and stuffed it with grilled vegetables (beets, radishes, eggplant, red pepper, onion, zucchini, purple haze carrots and garlic).  OMFG, almost could have creamed my panties over that one.  So if you like pesto I recommend trying this recipe and adding some texture to a typically smooth sauce.  Mine had more texture than the recipe suggested and I loved it!


  1. Ifin it has that kinda effect Ima thinnen I should be gittin me some of that there pesto in a real big hurrrryyy!!!!!
    Whats pesto??? 😉
    Uncle D.

  2. it’s a very simple sauce or paste made of basil leaves, garlic, fresh parmesan cheese, pine nuts and olive oil. it’s great over pasta or spread on bread or toast.

  3. I make pesto for Dave and he doesn’t even know he’s eating it. I make it and put it over egg noodles for him for a change instead of rice or potatoes 🙂 I’ll have to tell him….that’s the sauce he likes on his noodles……lol..

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