No foodstuffs to post about

I have nothing new food-wise to post about today. I’ve been down hard with a nasty cold- yes it got much worse than last week. By Friday night I knew that I would not be running in the race. By Saturday I was requiring a nap in the middle of the day just to make it through. Sunday, a beautiful day weather-wise, I spent on the couch feeling like pooh. I got stuffy in the head, and grossness inside my chest, had a fever and body aches. On Wednesday morning I passed out after getting out of a nice hot shower. Hit my head and smashed one of my shoulders, but otherwise I lived through that.   I’m actually quite shocked that I didn’t take out the door.  Today though, I feel much better. While I’m still not completely recovered I can make it through a day without needing to sleep in the middle of it, my left shoulder still hurts but no more body aches, the fever is forever gone, and I can breathe through my nose again. Hooray!
It’s funny how I digress back to childhood whenever I don’t feel well. Mom used to make me cream of wheat cereal with toast and a cup of tea when I was sick as a kid. Every morning this week I made mysef a nice hot bowl of cereal, sweetened with honey, and with a splash of (soy) cream, and broke up little bits of buttered toast into it. And I had a giant mug of blackberry spice tea, with another bit of honey, to go with. It just felt good.
Tonight I will be bleaching the house. Chris was sick right along side me so we’ve got lots of sick germs to decimate. A nice solution of bleach and vinegar ought to do the trick. Spray on, wait 20 minutes, go back and scrub off. Toss the old tooth brushes, change the sheets and towels out. We’ll be back in the business of being healthy folk in no time. Now if only we had a maid….

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