Of all the breads in all of the world…

I can’t believe that I’ve never made brioche before.  The dough for this bread is the most silky-smooth, beautiful, baby’s-bum of doughs that I’ve ever seen.  That is likely entirely due to the butter content (3 sticks for two loaves).  Such a pissa that the bread making is a two-day process because I’m dying to see the outcome.  This shiny dough should transform into two loaves of pull-apart bread that are golden yellow and cotton-candyish in texture.  These will be the basis for the eggnog bread pudding that I’m making on Wednesday morning.
So while the bread rises I’ll take a shower and ready myself to make deliveries in Agawam.  I have a few things to drop off at a few places, then back into the kitchen until early afternoon when I have to leave again to go to the salon. W00t!  I like vacation.

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