Oh how smart I am

So my husband is awesome and while I was at cake class last night he went shopping and bought me a card reader for my camera.  This means that I can now download my pics from the camera to the computer.
In the shower this morning I decided that I would download my pics as soon as I got out so that I could post my cake from last night.  I opened the reader, read the instructions and attached to the computer.  In the setup I told the computer to delete my pics from the card once they’re on the computer (so that I will have a nice empty card to fill up again).  I organized all of my pics into albums by event, very nice.  Then I looked and thought “I have all of my pics in the albums so now I can delete them from this other random pic folder to free up space”.  Great idea.  NOT!!  All of my pics are deleted now from my memory card as well as from my computer.  Over 400 pics from as far back as Thanksgiving.
I left my machine on when I came to work this morning and I’ll get back to trying to retrieve them from the recycle bin when I get home tonight.  I can be so stupid sometimes.


  1. If you can’t get them all back I think I might still have a copy of many of them on my laptop (300+). I was too lazy to pull out the pics I actually wanted at the time.

  2. You might want to update your theme. The Home link goes to somebody else’s site, not yours.

  3. Damn, I keep coming back. Sorry about all these comments.
    Something you might want to do is burn copies of your photos onto CD/DVD. I’m paranoid about losing my photos and videos so I burn at least two copies, each kept in different locations as well as keeping a easily accessible copy on my new MyBook. I bought the thing just for backup. Not to mention I have a low-res copy of most on my site.
    Call me paranoid, I do, but I’ve already come across a situation where I needed a backup CD. I accidentally lost all my photos from 2003. I found them on a random CD. Never again.

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