Snow-blowin’ mo fo

It’s official, Chris has lost his virginity to blowin’ snow.  See my Uncle Bob bought a new snow blower recently.  So, being a nice guy he brought his older one down to my Gram’s house.  Hers was still in working order so he and my Uncle Dave very nicely trucked it on over to our house the other night.  So tonight instead of breaking our backs shoveling the entire length of our driveway, plus front walk, and stairs, and parking area, I simply cleaned off the front and back steps and Chris is machining the rest of the load.  More pics here.
And now we have dueling snowblower action.  Johnnie next door just came out and fired his up.  I wonder if Mary will come out now too….

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  1. What a coincidence! I lost mine today too. Well, maybe not. I’ve done it once before, but it didn’t mean a thing to me. Honest.
    For used that thing looks great. It’s literally been around the block. (rim shot)

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