Spring is here

Thank goodness.  I had gone to the salon last week for a pedicure and then had to wear socks and shoes over my pretty toe nails all week ’cause it was cold and yucky out.  Now the sunshine has found its way through the clouds. 
We had a very productive weekend.  Although we did not install windows as planned we got lots else done.  Friday night I started baking after work.  I made a peanut butter banana bread with chocolate chips ( a personal favorite) and two loaves of hippy whole wheat bread.  Saturday morning I woke up before the sun (but not before the obnoxious bird that squaks just before dawn every day).  I figured ‘why waste my time laying there doing nothing?’ so I went downstairs and washed the dishes, then I baked two dozen spice cupcakes, made some icing flowers for my Monday night cake class, and baked four dozen Ricky cookies, then iced the spice cupcakes in cream cheese lusciousness.
Once Chris was up we showered and made the conscious decision not to do the window installation, but to focus on the yard work.  We planted our new lilac bushes, repotted my rosemary bush and onion chives in terra cotta planters, planted some carrot seeds, weeded in the garden, raked up last fall’s leaves, and filled the bird feeder (for the fourth time in a week).  By the end of that we were sun-burned and sweaty, hungry and tired.  We re-showered, grilled some chicken breasts and garlic bread, and hit the road for the Dove.
We saw tons of peeps that we hardly ever see anymore.  It was a wicked good time.  Since this was Ger’s birthday celebration with friends we brought the cupcakes with us.  Later in the evening Alex ordered wings to share.  We all drank beer and it was yummy and fun.  We came home and dropped into our bed at about midnight.
Sunday morning was time to make buttercream icing and bake a couple of cakes and lots of cupcakes for my finale for class.  I have a twelve inch round cake, two inches thick as my base with a 7.5 x 2 oval that is stacked on top, but not centered, then three butterfly cupcakes that are all decorated in coordinated colors that are flying up the cake.  Then there’s a shell border around the bottom of each of the cakes, with drop swirl flowers resting on top of that.  Tonight at class I’ll be finishing my peach petunias and attaching those to finish it off.  The biggest problem is that I don’t own a carrier large enough to transport this sucker so Chris is driving me to class so that I can hold the cake in the truck.  I think that it looks real pretty.  Maybe I’ll have Chris pick me up a card reader while he’s hanging out at the mall tonight so I can post a picture.
We had Dick and Judy over for burgers on the barbie last night.  I made her recipe potato salad and grilled asparagus to go with.  It was yummy and Chris got a nice quiet visit with his parents.  When they left I continued to work on my cake until I couldn’t do it anymore then I sat on the sofa and had a cup of tea and watched a few minutes of the Red Sox/Yankees game.  Good timing too, I saw the historical four homers in a row.  Shortly after that I went to bed and fell instantly asleep.
It’s strange to get used to sleeping with the windows open again.  I love the fresh air but hate that the slightest sound wakes me up.  At 3:30a.m. I woke up to hear radio calls as a police cruiser very slowly paced up our street.  After that I don’t think that I fell back to sleep again before the alarm at 4:25.  I’ll be very tired tonight.

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  1. Ummm Ricky cookies. I think Sue is making up a batch for us today. I can’t wait. Yummy!

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