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So my personal blog has definitely taken a hit since I joined the Facebook community.  Most folks that I know are on there too and it’s so easy to communicate everything in one place.  However, I love my web site and will make more of an effort to tend to it in the future.
Last night I was craving cookies.  Judging from the size of the pimple on my face (which many have recently mistaken for herpes because it’s so huge and evil looking) I should not be eating butter any time soon (like I did on 4th of July weekend, in large quantities).  So I mixed up a batch of Rocky cookies and a handful of this, that, and the other thing later, I was in heaven.  The house smelled delicious, a little sweet and a little spicy.  I then proceeded to eat about two cookies from each batch, and half a dozen cookies in my gut later didn’t even cook dinner because I was stuffed.  I almost felt bad for not cooking too, but Chris had just eaten lunch at 3:00 so he wasn’t looking for food.
I would also like to mention that I wish that I looked as good as Mary Louise Parker does in nothing but an apron in this month’s Esquire magazine.  Not only is she hot, she can write too.  Some girls have all the talent….

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  1. Facebook and Twitter never really appealed to me. I still like the look and feel of a real blog.

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