The cream puff

Not since high school cooking class had I touched a cream puff batter. I simply had no interest in ever making them again. That was, of course, until I had an invitation to dinner at my in-laws and not a heck of a lot in the house to bake something up on the fly with for dessert. I did have some ganache left over from those banana cookies and I had some Bavarian cream in the icebox too. So cream puffs it was.
So I started the process
and it eventually looked like a batter
and then I used my trusty little scooper to make little poufs
which baked up into golden goodness
and then I gutted them. I know that sounds mean, but it was terribly fun. And then I stuffed their little gutted bellies full of Bavarian cream which was wonderfully sweet. Once I’d plunked their tops back on, I drizzled them with ganache (to seal them).
After all was said and done they tasted quite similar to a Boston cream donut (minus the greasy taste from frying and the nasty after-effect of heartburn).

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  1. Hi Jessie!!!!! Those puffs look amazing! I can also see your new kitchen from the pics and it too looks amazing. Email me…maybe we can get together for dinner some time soon?

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