The fall weather has arrived

And with it, my winter appetite.  All summer long I can easily feast on the abundance of fresh, local produce, either grilled or in/on salads.  Come the cool weather though all I want are hearty dishes.  I just went through the market during my lunch break and grabbed the makings for such dishes as spicy vegetable curry with whole wheat naan and jasmine rice, shrimp with rice noodles and green beans and mushrooms, a rotisserie chicken, eggplant parm with porcini mezzaluna, and breaded pork chops.  And just when I had ought to be working out twice as hard in order to keep up with this kind of caloric intake, I lose my energy levels to the dark clouds, blustering winds, and lack of daylight.  Such is life, I suppose.  As long as I can keep up with a healthy preparation for the above dishes, and maintain at least a normal workout schedule I should be all right.

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