Our house (to the tune of that song from that time)….

So last night consisted of more measuring to be sure that we had every number locked down tight.  Then we did some math to calculate square footage and determine amounts of materials necessary for our project.  We made a three-page list, and hit Home Depot.  About $800+ later we came home and unloaded the truck, ate dinner, and went to bed.
Tonight we’ll be going to a lumber yard to purchase some useable furring strips (all of the ones at HD are bent and warped badly).  These are necessary to make a grid on the ceiling to hang the sheetrock from.
It seems like we’ve been waiting for this week for ever and now it’s almost here and it’ll be over too quickly.  Anyway, got to go drive out to Waltham for the day.  Lots of meetings to be had.


  1. I hate shopping at HD, but always find myself there since it is pretty much on the way home from work. If you have a Lowes near you try there first. Their stuff isn’t spectacular, but it is twice as good as HD and the staff is actually willing to help.

  2. yeah. i don’t like driving out to boston rd in spfld, but it’s worth the drive to go to lowe’s, especially if you’re spending lots of $$. like shaun said, the staff is actually willing to help and the store doesn’t look like a trash pile all the time like home depot does.

  3. Why do you need to do a grid for the ceiling? Even if the joists are 2 ft on center it should be enough for hanging sheetrock. Depending on the thickness of rock used and how the seams land of course. Also I hope you are using screws not nails. The nail pops will appear within a couple of weeks and really upset you. Another thing people tend to forget is to keep as many factory edges towards the center of the room and the cuts to the outside. The reason for this is when you tape the joints they are easier to do and come out better. Factory edges are tapered to hold spackle and the cuts are not. Just a couple of thoughts for ya. Good luck with the job cause it’s alot of work. Also when are we doing the door?
    Love Uncle D.

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